What Matters Most

Is it just me?, life

I don’t worry about everyday things that most people stress over. At times, I feel like a child. But most often I’m glad I am the way I am. 

Is the house clean? Are the dishes done? Is laundry finished? Do I look nice? Is everything tidy? Will they be jealous of how expensive my clothes are?

What I worry about is…did I see my niece today? Did I talk to Grandma? Did I walk the dogs, spend time outside, or smile a lot? 

Here’s the thing – if I die tomorrow, in my final moments I won’t care about laundry and how my hair looked at the grocery store. I’ll be thinking, “I wish I’d spent more time with _____.”

I realized awhile ago that the things that kept me up at night weren’t even going to cross my mind on my future death bed. It became a goal of mine to change the way I think, change the way I view the world, and change what I spend my thoughts on.

So I try not to stress over little things. If the world ends tonight, I want to have spent my final moments laughing with my friend’s baby or chasing my cat around the house. 

Stress and worry are natural for all humans. So if we have to deal with it, we might as well stress over what matters and forget all the things that are insignificant. All that matters is this moment and how we decide to spend it. Cherish each and every second spent with those you care about most. In the end, that’s what matters, that’s what haunts a soul and builds up piles of regret. 

Figure out what matters to you most in this life and make an effort to swap your focus from unimportant details to the deepest treasures of your heart.