Unplugging for Awhile (No Social Media for One Year)

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Social Media has upsides, but it also has consequences that aren’t so positive. I think the negative hits some people harder than others. I’m one of those that needs a break from the constant checking and wasted time looking at the fabricated lives of others. Okay for some people, not okay for me.

Back in December I decided I’d take a break from social media for the entire year of 2019. Honestly, it hasn’t been difficult. It’s actually pretty nice. Nearing the end of April, I’ve almost had four months free of social media.

I take pictures for my own enjoyment versus taking them with intention to post for others to see. Have you ever heard the saying, “Enjoy it, don’t record it”? I’ve found I live by that saying much more now that I’m not planning to upload photos online after the event.

I hear less about the terrible things going on in the world. A lack of news updates can be good and bad. Sometimes we all need to know what’s happening across the globe. But for the most part, the news channels and media only care about how many viewers they have, versus actually telling a story. And most of whatever is posted on Facebook is made up/false news anyway.

I don’t see anything about celebrities and the daily updates on their lives. Most of the people talked about, I don’t know who they are. So this might not be great for clubs discussing E!News, but it has been awesome for me.

I’ve spent more time reading and writing. It’s insane how much time can be wasted scrolling through social media updates. It’s eye opening. Now I spend more time reading material that is good for my mind. I have more time to write and express myself.

I’m glad I decided to take an extended break from the social media platforms. I think a break would do most people some good.

Try it out.


Wildcat Bridge – Richland Chambers

Fading Faces

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It’s the most important face in your life for quite a long time. It finds its way into every passing thought and daydream. It makes you happy, then it makes you sad, it breaks your heart then heals it. There is a god and a devil mixed into that one single human face. So all encompassing, an obsession. Addiction. Dependency develops quickly and the thought of living without that face is the scariest possible future outcome.

And one day…that face leaves. Never to return. All that’s left are the memories, both good and bad. Your heart is broken. That face…it remains in the brain and haunts you night and day. You begin to think you might die without it. Part of you even wants to die rather than never see that face again. Pain.

Suffering. Deep, dark, sadistic suffering that endures through even the most glorious of moments.

The day eventually comes when you’re forced to either end it all or get the hell out of bed and back into the world. So you choose to live and let go. The process of healing begins. 

One day at a time.

After awhile, something truly magical happens – that face begins to fade. You begin to complete entire days without seeing that face pop into your present mind. Before you know it, you see it in a passing thought and think, “Wow, I haven’t thought of you in some time.”

The heart mends itself as long as you give it the chance to recover.

Years later you go through old photos on a USB you found in the closet. You see that face pop up and barely even remember it – the way it sounded, the way it walked – it was such a long time ago.

That face – that one face you thought would never leave your heart and soul, the one you thought you could never live without, the one that haunted you for endless sleepless nights – that face has faded into the old memories of forgotten days.

With time, like magic, a face will fade.

Version 2

The only cow that would look my way.

What Matters Most

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I don’t worry about everyday things that most people stress over. At times, I feel like a child. But most often I’m glad I am the way I am. 

Is the house clean? Are the dishes done? Is laundry finished? Do I look nice? Is everything tidy? Will they be jealous of how expensive my clothes are?

What I worry about is…did I see my niece today? Did I talk to Grandma? Did I walk the dogs, spend time outside, or smile a lot? 

Here’s the thing – if I die tomorrow, in my final moments I won’t care about laundry and how my hair looked at the grocery store. I’ll be thinking, “I wish I’d spent more time with _____.”

I realized awhile ago that the things that kept me up at night weren’t even going to cross my mind on my future death bed. It became a goal of mine to change the way I think, change the way I view the world, and change what I spend my thoughts on.

So I try not to stress over little things. If the world ends tonight, I want to have spent my final moments laughing with my friend’s baby or chasing my cat around the house. 

Stress and worry are natural for all humans. So if we have to deal with it, we might as well stress over what matters and forget all the things that are insignificant. All that matters is this moment and how we decide to spend it. Cherish each and every second spent with those you care about most. In the end, that’s what matters, that’s what haunts a soul and builds up piles of regret. 

Figure out what matters to you most in this life and make an effort to swap your focus from unimportant details to the deepest treasures of your heart.