33 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than People (With Frozen Parody)

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Cats are better than people

Collin, don’t you think that’s true?


Yeah, people will beat you and curse you and cheat you…

Every one of them’s bad except you

Oh, thanks buddy

But people smell better than cats, Anakin

Don’t you think that I’m right?


That’s once again true, for all except you

You got me, let’s call it a night

Good night

Don’t let the field mice bite…

(Although, bedtime for people is typically hyperactive time for cats. Oh well…)

Reasons Cats are Better:

  1. Cats don’t argue
  2. Cats don’t need fancy things
  3. Cats don’t require elaborate meals
  4. People talk too much
  5. People are needy
  6. Cats don’t care if you get fired from your job
  7. Cats don’t care if you’re not attractive
  8. Cats don’t care if you don’t have a perfect body
  9. Cats will love you no matter what
  10. Cats don’t require constant attention
  11. Cats aren’t expensive
  12. Cats have fur
  13. Cats can purr
  14. Cats are easily content
  15. Cats will listen to all your problems
  16. Cats are entertaining to watch
  17. Cats are happy when you get home at the end of a long day
  18. Cats are clever
  19. Cats are fun to play with
  20. Cats are nice to cuddle with
  21. Cats can be great alarm clocks
  22. Cats are quiet
  23. Cats can be blamed for all noises in your home (so you don’t worry about having ghosts)
  24. Cats will help you know if guests are trustworthy or not
  25. Cats are easy to clean up after
  26. Cats will clean off all your tables and flat surfaces
  27. You’ll never have mice issues with a cat around
  28. You probably won’t even have snake issues with a cat around
  29. Cats aren’t afraid of spiders and other insects
  30. Cats won’t talk during movies or TV shows
  31. Cats are photogenic
  32. Cats can entertain themselves with Q-tips
  33. Cats look adorable in costumes (Even if they don’t enjoy it)


Random Journal Topics for Everyday of May 2019

Journal Topics, life

May 1 – Wednesday – Set three different goals for the month of May. These goals can include anything from exercising 4 days/week to watching every episode of “The Office” on Netflix. Make sure they apply to you.

May 2 – Thursday – Do you have any plans for the summer? What are they? If not, make some.

May 3 – Friday – What’s something you’ve never done before that you’ve always wanted to do? Why haven’t you done it yet?

May 4 – Saturday – Are you a Star Wars fan? Why or why not?

May 5 – Sunday – Where did you grow up? Do you still live close by?

May 6 – Monday – Have you smiled today? What made you smile? If you haven’t, watch a funny video.

May 7 – Tuesday – Have you complimented anyone today? If not, go give a friend a compliment.

May 8 – Wednesday – If you could take a trip anywhere in the entire universe this summer, all expenses paid, where would you go?

May 9 – Thursday – Who would you take on your fantasy vacation? Would this person/people make the trip more enjoyable?

May 10 – Friday – What is your favorite childhood memory of summer?

May 11 – Saturday – Are any movies being released this summer that you would love to see? How about the new Lion King movie?

May 12 – Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day! What are your feelings on this holiday?

May 13 – Monday – Who was the last person you hugged? Why did you hug? Who would you like to be hugging right now?

May 14 – Tuesday – Do you have any role models? Who are they and why?

May 15 – Wednesday – What is your favorite sea creature? Does the undersea world fascinate or bore you?

May 16 – Thursday – Do you have a quiet place to sit and be alone? Where is it? If not, brainstorm a place.

May 17 – Friday – What animal do you feel best represents you as a person? Do you think that question is ridiculous?

May 18 – Saturday – Do you practice a religion? If so, which one? How important or unimportant is religion to you?

May 19 – Sunday – If you opened up a new store, what would you sell and why?

May 20 – Monday – Do you have any pets? What kind? Or if not, what type of pet would you be interested in?

May 21 – Tuesday – Do you have any weird phobias? What are they? If not, what’s a phobia that doesn’t make sense to you?

May 22 – Wednesday – Do you have any weird obsessions? What are they?

May 23 – Thursday – What song seems to be on your mind a lot lately? Why do you think it’s on your mind so much?

May 24 – Friday – Who has had the largest influence on your life so far?

May 25 – Saturday – Do you prefer to spend time alone or with others? Who is your favorite person in the world to spend time with?

May 26 – Sunday – Is there anything in life that you regret? How could you go about moving on and letting go of that regret?

May 27 – Monday – Today is Memorial Day in the United States. Is there anything about our country you would change if you could?

May 28 – Tuesday – What do you enjoy most about your country? Are you proud to be a citizen?

May 29 – Wednesday – Have you eaten your favorite meal lately? Why or why not? What is your favorite meal?

May 30 – Thursday – How did you do with your goals set on May 1st? Were the goals difficult or easy? Will you be continuing those goals into June?

May 31 – Friday – Reflect back on this month. Were you generally happy, sad, bored, stressed? Did anything significant happen?