The Best 12 Wrongs that Feel so Right

Have you ever been in a situation where you are doing something that you know is wrong, but it somehow feels so right? Here's 12 scenarios that explain what I'm talking about: 1 - "Forbidden" Whether it's a person already in a relationship or a pack of cookies, once the word, "forbidden," is stamped on... Continue Reading →

12 Reasons to Smile Right Now

No matter what is happening in your day as of now, take a minute to smile. Smiling has the power to completely turn your entire day around. I know it sounds cheesy, believe me. But it's worth it to be a bit cheesy for a few seconds if it means making your day better. If... Continue Reading →

12 Ways To Make the Most Of Life

Life can be sucky, or life can be great. We all have good days and bad days. Some things are entirely out of our control, but most of the time we have complete authority to make life more enjoyable. Here are 12 simple ways to start making the most out of life everyday: 1 -... Continue Reading →

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