Simple, Kind Acts to Perform Daily


Kindness keeps the world spinning, right?

Everyone on this planet is facing unique, difficult scenarios. A small, kind act from a another person whether he/she is a friend or a stranger on the street, can completely turn a rough day into a positive experience.

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No matter how small or simple it may seem, we can all take a few moments each day to make someone smile, laugh, or feel significant. These acts of kindness can go a long way for both the persons committing and receiving the kind gesture:

1 – Smile at a stranger.

We pass dozens of faces everyday at work, the grocery store, etc., most of the time with automatic steps and never looking up at the people we pass.

It might seem pointless and it could even feel awkward in the moment, but try flashing a huge, cheesy, genuine smile at these random people you pass by. Providing a moment of light in a person’s potentially dreadful day can lift the spirits (for both parties).

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2 – Hand out simple compliments. 

This world is coated in insecurities and we all have our own set of personal discomforts we feel about ourselves – the way we look, who we are, the jobs we work, etc. Receiving a compliment, no matter what it’s regarding, how simple it may be, or who it’s from, always sparks a warm feeling.

Take a moment to compliment those around – a cute shirt, a nice hair color, pretty eyes, clear skin, hard worker, niceness, etc. Though it’s simple, it will completely make that person’s day.

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If you want to be a little weird with it – compliment the way his/her hands look when writing, the way he/she smells after running, or whatever he/she is eating for lunch. Awkward compliments are flattering and might make the person laugh, also.

Okay, so maybe lay off the awkward compliments. And definitely never be inappropriate. Keep it simple and say something nice to people. That’s all it takes to see a smile and make someone’s day better.

3 – Ask and Listen.

People like and need to know that their lives matter in this world. We all need to know that others around us care about our lives and issues we’re facing. Ask about what’s going on, how the kids are doing, how that surgery went, or what’s going on at work.

Of course when questions are asked, it’s required that the person asking listens. Not just nodding a head and faintly hearing the answers, but truly listening and providing encouraging feedback.

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4 – Remember the person’s name. 

This is such a simple act that really makes people feel special and valued. Remembering a client, patient, or stranger’s name sparks immediate connection between the two people.

Remembering the name is basically saying, “I remember you, and you are important to me.”

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5 – Write ‘Thank You’ cards for everything.

Showing gratitude for what others do for us isn’t as common as it used to be. In fact, for most scenarios, we expect others to do certain things for us and we forget that the person didn’t have to do anything for us.

Never forget to personally thank those people who help you day to day or make you feel loved and cherished. A simple “thank you” card will make the other person feel appreciated. No matter how small the act provided was, show gratitude for that service, gift, friendship, or helping hand.

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Being kind is great, and should be accompanied with gratitude for the kindness you receive yourself.

Give these five acts of kindness a try everyday for a week and see what happens. It’s  almost a guarantee that you will feel good – whether people return the love or not.

The person who came up with the saying, “Kill them with kindness,” was a genius. Spread love around with small acts of simple kindness and see your world brighten up.

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Thank you for reading this post. I’m smiling at you right now, though you can’t see me. 🙂

Have a great day!

Carly Twelve


The Purpose of Life is Connection


At some point in life, everyone stops to think – what’s the purpose of all of this? What is my purpose? Some people engross themselves with this idea of “purpose” and what it means, spending hours studying books of philosophy and journals of existential reasoning.

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Whatever conclusions we all come to within our personal battles of finding purpose in life, what always remains when everything else is marked off the list is – connection. This includes connection with other people, friends, family, animals, nature, the earth, and ourselves.

Let’s explore the reasoning behind this claim…

In the end, connections are what we crave.

Put yourself in a scenario of entering another realm or dimension. In this case, imagine that you are the same person, but the world is entirely different. People live inside the earth in caves and each clay, only coming outside for short times to gather supplies. Highly intelligent tigers that walk on two feet rule the planet. The world is covered in rainforests and the oceans are completely dry.

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Now, if this alternate world existed and you were forced to move to this fictional dimension – what would you want to take with you? Money, cars, careers, exercise equipment, jewelry – every material item that you own is probably useless in this new realm.

What’s truly going to matter if the world is flipped upside down and twisted into a new kind of madness?

For most people – they’d want to keep their friends and family – their connections. No matter what the new world is like, I personally know I’d be able to survive if I could have my nieces and nephews around.

When it all comes down to the apocalyptic end – what you feel the most desire to keep by your side is what you should desire to focus on right now.

If the bombs drop tomorrow, who would you call? Who would you run to in a panic to find out if he/she is okay? Or would you only worry about your things? Because if fire ever engulfs the earth, that fancy sports car and thousand-dollar watch won’t mean a thing.

What will matter, is who you are spending your last moments with. Who do you want those people to be? Who will you say your final apologies to? Who do you want holding your hand on your death bed?

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When the worlds comes to an end, connections will be what you want. And connections will be what you regret not spending more time with.

Connection provides feelings of self-worth and belonging. 

Whether it’s connecting with a newborn baby, a new friend, or an old dog at the animal shelter – this enables us humans to feel warmth deep inside our hearts. These are moments when natural smiles flash on our faces and nothing else in the universe matters.

These are the moments when you think to yourself, “This is where I’m meant to be.”

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Think of your most joyful moments in life and I’m betting it will include – the day your child was born, a vacation with friends, the day you were married, or the day you crush said “yes” to a first date.

On the contrary, think of your most painful moments in life – this likely includes rejection from romantic interests, quarrels with parents and other family members, or grieving the death of a friend.

The highs and lows of life involve connection.

Even materialistic goals have desires for connection hidden underneath. 

Applying for new jobs, buying nice clothes, saving up for a new car – all of these goals come with a need for connection deep down. Perhaps we’re striving to impress others and gain their approval to make up for the lack of current connection in our lives. Maybe we are trying to win back an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. Or it could be that we are just trying to fit in and follow the path of the rest of the world for fear of being alone.

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Take a look at any materialistic goals you may have right now. What’s the true reason you want ________________ (whatever your mission may be). Is it deeper than what you might admit to yourself?

Do you agree that the purpose of life is connection? If so, cultivate those special connections already present in your life and set goals to make more. And never forget to connect with yourself as well.

Thank you for reading this rambling post on the purpose of life through my eyes.

Carly Twelve


How to Handle Difficult People


Everyone has had experiences with difficult people – inconsiderate, ignorant, impatient, and impolite humans. We’ve all been guilty of rude behavior from time to time, but some people just seem to consistently radiate negative vibes and flash a scowl every time they’re out and about.

(On a side note, I’d like to refer to this as difficult behavior instead of difficult humans. I think all people should be given the benefit of the doubt if their story isn’t completely understood.)

It’s hard to keep yourself calm and content when dealing with these kinds of people – especially if you are facing them at your place of work where you probably have to remain cool and collected.

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Sometimes it can feel like no matter what’s going on in the universe, no matter how well you try to please this person, and no matter how ridiculous he/she’s being – this annoying behavior will never cease.

Though we can’t control the behavior of others, we can practice a few techniques in these situations to help ourselves remain level headed. We don’t have to allow the negativity seep into our personal thoughts.

1 – Never take the difficult behaviors personally. 

This is a difficult thing to do when a person is in your face, acting insane and shouting insults. Or even if the person is just making sly, subtle impolite comments. Either way, always do the best you can to never take any of this personally.

Always remember that these angry, aggressive people are likely going through something in their lives, totally unrelated to you and your actions. And of course, insecurity plays a huge role in deciding how these types of people act.

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Don’t let the insecurities and personal problems of others make you question your own value and worth as a human. No one deserves to face condescending words from others. Always keep that in mind when someone is taking his/her frustrations out on you.

It’s not easy to deal with, but it’s probably not personal either.

2 – Remind yourself of the good people in your life. 

Day in and day out, if we must face men and women who are full of anger and frustrations, it’s easy to take on a perspective that all humans suck and behave in this ridiculous way.

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Not all people are terrible. Good, honest souls do exist in the world. It’s likely that we’ve all met awesome human beings who help keep our faith in the goodness of the human race. Make a list of the good people in your life and cherish them in these moments of dealing with ignorant behavior.

Call or text a friend if needed, just to remind yourself that not everyone is an a**h**e prone to bringing your spirits down.

3 – Stay quiet, and don’t argue. 

When someone is having an outburst of negativity, there’s likely no use in trying to calm him/her down. The hormones are accelerating and thoughts are racing in these people. The best thing anyone can do in a situation like this, is just to sit back, listen, and remain silent.

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Arguing will only fuel the difficult person’s fury while simultaneously raising your own innate defense systems. Stay quiet and let the person expend all their words into thin air.

Do not involve yourself in the ignorance. It won’t make the person go away and it will only bring harm to yourself.

4 – Never repeat these difficult behaviors. Spread the goodness, be forgiving. 

Next time you start to feel the pulse rising and the veins heating up, take some deep breaths.

Think before you act. Is the person you’re about to explode on even the one at fault? Are you really angry at yourself? Will having an outburst make you feel any better or help you solve any problems?

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We all face impatience, we are all quick to judge from time to time, and we’ve all let our emotions make decisions for us. No one is perfect, but we each have the choice to be kind and considerate each day. We all have power over our actions and can choose to walk away before a situation gets heated.

Not every imperfect scenario has to turn into a war. Learn to practice these four techniques to deal with difficult human behavior, and learn to avoid partaking in these negative acts yourself.

It will keep your days from being ruined by insignificant little annoyances.

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Thank you for reading this post.

Have a great day, and don’t let others bring you down.

Carly Twelve

Life is Way Too Short (Ranting)


This morning, I witnessed a gloomy group of people huddled together in the emergency room (I work across the hall). One of them was hysterically crying. I’ve seen this occurrence a few times before and it’s always safe to conclude that someone has unfortunately passed away. It’s heartbreaking to see a group of people in such pain and losing a loved one obviously very dear and special.

In moments like these, for me at least, the big picture of life comes into view. One day – maybe ten years from now, maybe even tomorrow – that will be my family and I in that emergency room waiting area crying our eyes out as someone we all love passes away. Someday it will be me passing away.

With this in mind, I immediately lose all patience for stupid, petty, everyday complaints and irritants. This stuff is insignificant and won’t matter in the end.

It’s time we all started focusing on what will matter in the end. Because when it’s me in that emergency room, either dying or crying, I’ll want to know that I didn’t waste my time on this earth being ridiculous about small matters, angry over insipid situations, or pasteurizing the people around me. We can’t keep wasting our precious years stressing and being silly.

Life is way too short. Next time I feel impatient, angry, or upset, I’m going to think, “Is this going to matter in that emergency room?” And if the answer is, “no,” I’m going to immediately move on with my life and focus my attention on the people and events that will matter.

I apologize for my quick rant. Now it’s time for me to move on and go focus on something/someone I love.

Life is short. We can’t waste our days away.