This is Why Humans are like the Sun

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Metaphors for human life exist all throughout nature – if we take the time to observe and compare. Seeing the parallels between your life and the lives of creatures and natural phenomenons all throughout the universe will help you feel connected to something greater than the modern, manipulated society.

This post will discuss the similarities between a single human life and the Sun above. To be clear, this will NOT be claiming that the world revolves around humans. Human beings are important, but not the center of the solar system.

However there are some other, more humbling parallels among ourselves and that bright star we circle each year.

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Here is how the Sun is like your human life:

1 – Throughout life, you will rise and fall repeatedly. 

We all have ups and downs. Often when things seem as if they cannot stray any further downhill – further, in fact, they can go. On the other hand, after persevering through the difficult times you will see your life starting to brighten once again.

Life grows arduous, and life shifts upward. It’s normal and natural for the universe to knock you down and pick you back up over and over throughout the years you live.

Don’t let the dark times ruin the good, and don’t let the good times leave you in despair during the dark days.

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Rise and fall – it’s what we’re built to do – just like the Sun. Sunrise/Sunset. Soulrise/Soulset.

2 – You need rest. 

Rest is often seen as weakness or laziness in our modern world. Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning your home or doing laundry on the weekend instead of staying in bed all day? …Not necessarily.

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We are only human and if the mighty bright Sun needs to go down and have a few hours hours out of the spotlight, then so do we. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting to give yourself rest and time to relax in peace.

3 – You can radiate your light to the those around you. 

Within your soul resides wisdom and strength that others can benefit from. Be like the Sun and radiate your uniqueness to the world. Don’t hide it in fear or lack of confidence.

Laughter, positive messages, and kindness are contagious. They each have the ability to scatter their rays of light across this darkened world, but only if each human is brave enough to let out his/her inner light.

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Learn to be like the sun and throw those beams of light out each day, consistently. Don’t ask for permission, just go for it.

4 – You are built – mentally and physically – to keep moving. 

Growing settled in one place, or sticking in one toxic situation is something we’re all guilty of. It’s often scary to keep moving in life, but it’s also something we need to do.

Life is too short to dwell. Sitting idly is never good for anyone’s health. Always strive to explore – whether it’s new places on earth or new areas within yourself.

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The Sun above is in constant motion, as we humans should be, too. The second we give up on further movement of our minds and bodies is the second we give up on life. Just as if the Sun stopped moving, destruction comes when we sit in place for too long.

Do you see that your human life parallels the actions of the Sun? How amazing is it that our little lives mimic the behavior of the life giving star we see everyday?

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Thank you for reading this post, and go check out the Sun today. Feel the power in your soul and know that you and that star are the same.

And have an awesome day. 🙂

Carly Twelve

How it Helps Humans to Learn about Animals


Each animal in nature is a textbook of information all in itself. There’s much to be learned from these creatures if we take the time to slow down and observe. Most of us see small birds and bugs several times throughout the day and never have a passing thought about them. We go to the zoo and watch dozens of unique species and yet fail to learn anything for ourselves.

I’m pretty sure I sound absolutely ridiculous to most people right now. And I personally love animals, so of course I’m biased. But there are valuable lessons to be learned from the species other than humans, and taking the time to learn can help us in other ways than knowledge alone.

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Here I’m going to list the reasons why learning about amazing animals will help you in return for your time and attention.

1 – Learning about different animals will force you to slow down for a moment. 

Everything in this world is on a time table. We’re forced to slave over the clock and attempt to jam as much work and errands into one day as possible. Though the world works this way, it’s not very healthy for the human mind. We’re stressed and overworked, always worried about money, and rarely take breaks for ourselves.

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Commit yourself to spending 5-10 minutes learning a little bit about the animals of the earth each week. This time spend learning will distract you and force you to sit down for a breather. We could all use a little break, and why not spend that break reading something interesting?

2 – As you read about species all over the planet, you will start to see the bigger picture.

With work, school, kids, etc., it’s easy to drift into a routine of the daily modern life. When we do this, we forget that a universe outside of our internal daily world even exists. Learning about unique creatures all over the planet will help you leave the stressful small world inside your home or office and see that the earth is a huge place full of diversity.

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See the world for all it is instead of constantly centering in on your own life. This will make simple stressors seem less significant.

3 – You will grow connected with the animals as you learn about them. 

As humans, we crave connection. We are social beings by nature and need to bond with others to feel fulfilled deep down. This connection doesn’t always have to be with other humans. In fact, you can create bonds with any living soul whether it’s a little frog in your backyard or a massive lion in a conservation center. Take the time to learn, observe, and grow a connection with an animal of any kind and you will feel warmth in your heart.

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4 – By observation and research, we can actually learn from the animals.

The introduction of this post mentions this, but I’d like to expand on my perspective more. My goal is to do separate posts along this journey for each species and what humans can learn from each of them, so I will keep this part general and less specific.

Animals are instinctively wise creatures in many areas where humans are not. They raise their young, survive in harsh conditions, and can live independently from human society by nature. They are born with more of this innate knowledge unlike humans who need to be taught most everything in life.

The habits of animals have the potential to teach us more about our own lives – whether literally or  metaphorically. But we must first pay attention and take the time to learn and see these creatures in a different light.

Animals are not lesser beings than humans, they are only different beings. And we can all learn from those different than ourselves.

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5 – Learning new things will open your mind.

Having a routine life isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, humans crave the act of having a set routine to follow each day. However, this can have negative consequences when we begin to only see the aspects of our daily habits.

Learning the diversity that the world holds will force you out of your daily comfort zone and allow you to see more of the planet around you. You will be able to expand your knowledge discover new things about the world you may not have otherwise known without reading a little bit about a unique critter.

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I truly believe there’s much to be learned from the Animal Kingdom on this earth, and cracking the book open on creatures is good for human wellness as well.

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Thank you for reading this post. I hope you join me in my madness of learning about every species on earth. Have a good day!

Carly Twelve

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