This is What We Can All Learn From Infants

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This tiny human of only eight months is crawling around, exploring. Everything is eye opening for her expanding brain. She observes, she absorbs, and she learns new information with every inspection. She is fascinating to watch and time spent within her presence is priceless. 

There is an important lesson to be learned from this baby. As she grows and advances in skill and cognition she actually has something invaluable to teach, something that we all lose as we turn into teenagers and later adults. 

This baby has – contentment. She’s fed, well rested, and safe. She wants nothing else. Basic human care is all she requires to be happy and content – not toys, not cash, not the most expensive clothing – only nourishment and love. And she’s free to explore the world around her. 

As we age in society, go through schooling, and start full time jobs, we steadily lose the contentment we had as infants. We’re told that success in this world is measured by price tags and bank statements. We’re told that lacking in the financial world equals failure and unhappiness. And we not only believe these statements, but we live by them as well. 

We believe lies like these because they’ve been ingrained into our skulls by the media for decades. We’re allowing others to choose our own definitions of happiness. 

We have much to learn from infants and young children. “Always wanting more” doesn’t have to be our life motto. Contentment is a mindset. As long as we have food to eat and a heart that beats, we should find ways to be more grateful about life in general. Misery is also a mindset. It’s something we choose for various reasons – maybe having a crummy car, an imperfect body, or a low GPA – these things wouldn’t bother a baby, not because a baby is unintelligent, but because infants haven’t been corrupted by the world yet.

Learn from children – it’s the simple things in life that keep us content, but we must first make the choice to be happy.

Being Content Does Not Mean You Are “Settling”


When I discuss being content in life, it could be seen as I’m telling everyone to “settle” in life. Settling for something is different than being content.

To settle is to give up, to be content is to move on. 

Being content with your life means that you’re not stressing over wanting more – a better job, higher salary, nicer home, etc. It’s saying, “Hey, I have everything I need to be able to live.”



Of course, striving to improve your surroundings is always a plus. But being content about where you are now means you aren’t putting your happiness on hold for “better days.”

We all have the power to be happy right now, no matter where we are in life. Happiness comes from within. So instead of saying, “I’ll be happy when I graduate college,” “I’ll be happy when I move out of this town,” or “I’ll be happy when I lose 40 lbs,” tell yourself that you are happy now.

Life is too short to put happiness on hold for “better days.” Enjoy where your are in life, every step of the way. It’s all part of your awesome, personal storybook.

Settling is a pity party, contentment is having an open mind.

When someone settles, typically he/she is telling his/herself that nothing better exists for the life he/she lives. “This is it,” is the mindset. Poor me. 

When you are content with life, your mind is open to more opportunities. It’s hopeful of the future because no matter what happens, you know you’ll be happy within. You’ll be confident in trying new things and taking advantage of every moment in life because regardless of the outcome, your happiness will remain.

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Settling leaves you always wanting more, contentment will help you see more of what really matters.

Take a minute everyday to tell yourself that you are happy. You’re good with life and where you currently find yourself.

When you make an agreement with yourself to be content, right now, your eyes will open up to the world around. You’ll see more of what truly matters and what you cherish most.



When you tell yourself, “I’m settling,” you’ll push aside the most important things in life to dream and regret the job you’ll never have, the body you’ll never get back, etc. You’ll find yourself bitter of what “could have been.” And in return, you’ll push away those you love because your internal happiness has been sacrificed to a list of “should haves.”

Being content is seeing the beauty around, regardless of if it’s a fantasy life or a normal, everyday scenario. How you feel inside is how you’ll see the world.

Settling is negative, contentment is positive. 

This is a simple, straightforward concept.

Say, “I’m settling,” and you’ll be bitter.

Say, “I’m content,” and you’ll be at peace.

I hope my rambling here has made some sense. I know the world could be much more generous if each of us makes the decision to be content – losing the greed, the anger, the frustration, and the regret.

For extra aid in living a content life, download the guide here:

The Guide to Contentment

Thank you for reading this post. Make the choice to be happy, because you do have the power.