The 12 Best Ways to Live in the Moment

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Living in the moment will lead to a happier life and more enjoyable experiences. Otherwise, one day looking back you’ll realize how much of life you’ve missed.

Here are 12 things you can start doing to better live in the moment and be mindful of all that’s going on around you:

1 – Take a few conscious breaths.

Breathing is something we all do automatically. Thanks to awesome brain functions, we don’t have to worry much about inhaling and exhaling. Stopping to take a few deep breaths will force you to slow down and turn off the auto-pilot for a minute.

2 – Make to-do lists for later.

Anytime an errand crosses your mind, write it down and put the list aside. At the end of the day, go through and complete some of the items on the list, but never think twice about the tasks once they are written down.

3 – Do more of what you enjoy.

Pay attention to the activities that make you smile and forget all of life’s issues. Do more of those things, schedule them into your week, and enjoy.

4 – Take mental photos of gratitude.

When something awesome happens or whenever a person makes you laugh out loud, take a few moments to express how glad you are that this event happened or how happy you are to spend time with that person. No matter how simple it seems, if it lightens your heart, show gratitude for it. Write it down, smile about it, think about it during rough times – but remember and be grateful.

5 – Reflect on the happenings of the day when you lay down at night. 

Think about everything – the good, the bad, the laughs, the cries, the faces you saw, the ones you wanted to see, etc. Reflect on the day as a whole.

6 – Avoid judging others. 

Most often, judgement is a purely negative experience. It traps you in your mind and thoughts and keeps you from living in the moment. Plus, it wastes precious time that could be spent doing something more positive/productive.

7 – Feel everything.

Take a minute to feel. Can you feel your phone in your hand, your butt in a seat, your feet on the floor, and/or the shirt on your skin? Think and focus on the sense of feeling.

8 – Listen to everything. 

Hear all of the words your friend or coworker speaks to you without thinking of responses. Hear every word in a song on the radio. Listen to the birds chirping outside the window and the cars driving by your workplace. Close your eyes and listen.

9 – See all that passes.

What color is your patient wearing? How many people did you pass in the grocery store? What color was the cashier’s eyes? What’s the number on the license plate on the car in front of you at the stoplight? Focus, and see.

10 – Taste with every bite. 

Sometimes we eat our meals so quickly throughout the day that we don’t even savor all the amazing flavors. At your next meal, with each and every bite on your fork, truly taste all the aspects of your meal – the seasoning, the oils, the good and the not-so-good. Pay attention.

11 – Smell all the fragrances in your surrounding world.

Our brains filter out so much of what’s sent to them, thankfully so, but often we miss out on experiencing the awesome smell of a flower, perfume, or pine tree. Take 5 minutes to smell all that’s around your typical area. You might notice a scent you never knew was there.

12 – Smile more often.

Psychologically, smiling can improve your mood, no matter if you are fake smiling or genuinely smiling. Try watching a funny video or looking at silly photos on the internet. Find a way to smile. It will improve your mood and probably make others around you smile, too. A good attitude helps you get through the day as you won’t be wishing for the end so much.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you try some of the things on this list and begin a life of living in the moment!


Did Our Best (Poem 8 x 20)

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Smells like death

Rotting flesh

Nothing left 

Makeshift meds

Bloody mess

All regret 

Clean the wreck 

Make amends 

Start anew

Lose a few

Find the truth

Slice in two 


Flocks that flew

Back to you

In the tomb

Slow runner

Front gunner


Drug buster

Safe summer

Steel cutter

Flow flutter

Green gutter

Makes no sense

Deeper dense

Cleaner cleanse


Feeling tense

Falling fence

Soul to rinse


Is it right?

Keep it tight

Start a fight

On this night

Toughest plight 

In hindsight 

You were mine

If I might

Is it wrong?

Sing a song

Play along 

Bang the gong

Don’t take long

Just be gone

Fling ping pong 

Search Hong Kong 

Make a choice

Then rejoice 

Making noise

Finding voice

Rainy moist

Skin so coarse

Racing horse

Frightful Force

Sky is here

Space is near

We have fear

Changing gears

Pouring tears

Losing years

Chasing deer

Life will steer 

Forget me

Set us free

Stop and see

Wipe it clean

Sights unseen

Halo three

I’m in need

Nightmare dream

Is this real? 

I can’t feel

It’s surreal

Voids to fill

They will kill

If we’re still

Moving meals

Rusty wheels 

Soul is hot

I am not

Here to rot

In this pot

Of the lost

On the cross

You forgot 

I can’t stop 

Make it rain

Show disdain

Burn in flames

Never stay

Go away

So ashamed

Fall from Grace

Face will fade 

What am I

In this life?

Who designed 

All this plight?

A disguise 

So outright

Melting eyes

In the sky

Who are we

With disease?

Cutting keen


Can this be

All for keeps?

Play for treats

Or we leave

Peace on earth

Myths of dirt

Rip my shirt

Stop the birth

Gait or girth

Gift of myrrh

Hating her

Flesh and fur

Wars in stars

Beating hearts

Saving scars

Rip apart

Fly afar

Doors ajar

Gates to guard

Fight too hard

In this wake

We create

Signs of hate

No debate

Quickly fade

Leaves to rake

Souls forsake

Time to take

Get us home 

Save our souls

We’re alone

Off the road

Outlaw zone 

Broken phone

Losing hope 

Where to go? 

Fly it back

Now attack

Burn to black 

Trim and track

What we lack 

We distract

Make them laugh

They’ll all crack 

Let us rest

No more tests


Fallen friends

Joking jests 

People pests

Ended less

Did our best 


Moonlight Lake in Summertime

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Driving over the lake at night, mid summertime. Warm air, without wind, perfect, just right. Wishing this moment of comfort and fun could last an eternity. If Heaven is real, it must be like this. 

There’s work tomorrow morning, a normal day ahead, but none of that matters when the moonlight reflects off the glassy black water. Houses are silent across the land, all boats are shutdown for the evening. It’s quiet. Absolute stillness. 

Parking at a boat ramp and walking to the end of the pier, I gaze out at all the lights across the vast body of calm water. All different kinds of people inhabit the large homes of stone and glass windows. But none of them matter in this moment. All I see are the lights as they create an image of stars across the moonlit horizon. I’m standing on a platform in another universe where people, other than myself, do not exist. I’m alone. Completely alone, standing on the edge of an unknown expanse far from civilization. 

Cars cross the bridge with great speed off to my left. They’d never notice a lone soul standing in the midnight moonlight. They’re only comets scraping the sky in my universe of silence.

The warmth of the night brings a indescribable comfort to my wretched heart. All the cold has melted away and left me cleansed. The water of the reservoir evaporates under the heat and enters my lungs with every breath. All the negativity of the world, every impure thought, and each scar all heal with the vapor of the black moon water.

In this moment, I am free. I am alone and at peace. My soul is pure, safe, and clean. Stars, moonlight, warm water, warm air, barefoot, unseen.

I am the lake and the lake is me. We are one. We are free.


Pottery and Life – Reality Versus Expectations

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This past weekend I attended a pottery class up in Oklahoma with my family. It was near Cherokee territory, taught by a Cherokee woman, and overall extremely insightful in terms of practicing a new skill and hearing about Native American culture. 

While working with the clay and attempting to mold it into something unique, I started to notice that the clay just would not do what I wanted it to do. I had images in my head about how I wanted to sculpt and morph the muddy substance, but no matter how hard I tried, the end products far varied from the pictures in my mind. 

What I was shooting for ≠≠ what I made

This is a great metaphor for life in general. We all have plans, dreams, and ideas about where we think our lives are headed. We predict where we’ll be in one year, five years, and for some of us – maybe even ten years. But how often do things turn out the way we planned, dreamt, or predicted?

If you look back to this day one year ago, would you have thought you would have ended up where you are today? I know that I definitely wouldn’t have predicted my current position. And that’s okay.

Life never turns out the way we thought it would in our heads. In fact, it typically takes insane turns and twists that we never could have possibly seen coming.

Opportunities arise, unfortunate events are thrown at as, and mundane days seem to repeat over and over. Good, bad, and a bit of all that exists in between. That’s life. Uncertainty is the only thing we can all be certain of in life. Because the fantasy image never aligns with the realistic situation.

This doesn’t mean that reality sucks or doesn’t include awesome moments. We should all learn to appreciate the truth in front of us and let go of the expectations we imbedded in our brains.


Photo Creds to my little Cousin

Calm Before the Storm

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There’s a calm like no other, before the storm shreds the shutters, where a lonely lone wolf wonders all night long. 

A sadness drains the thunder, the rain pours out in gutters, the darkness hides the summer with clouds and fog.

A child searches for her mother, and yearns to please the brother, the heart has been asunder far too long. 

The storm shed won’t shudder, the strength is going under, her mind is lost in clutter and righting wrongs. 

Where does the darkness end, if not when she is dead, she’s paying for her sins all in one. 

Let the storm begin, she will be free again, allow the rage to send out its guns.

Hail and straight line winds, tornadoes spin and spin, flooding all within a fate undone. 

No one here can win, she can’t keep it in, battles never bend until the sickness runs. 

Century long silence, preceding a violence, she doesn’t like it but has no choice. 

Insidious slyness, hiding in the cypress, the calm is dying as she finds a voice. 

Tumultuous tyrants, planted a virus, forgetting all kindness in the world. 

Peace we’re not finding, children are crying, time to start fighting with swords. 

The clouds are rolling in, we all will face our sins, this is how it ends in fields of blood. 

Her hands control the wind, lightning from within, find a place to sit and watch the fun. 

Apocalyptic penicillin, nothing can stop this, bodies will cringe as they run. 

Their crimes to commit, feeding her vengeance, creating an ending of destruction. 

They made a monster with their rules and standards. She stayed calm for too long, sulking in silence and sadness. One day, she allowed her anger to erupt and infect the world. She would make them regret the pain they caused.


Winter Sucks and I Suck in the Winter

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Cold weather and gloomy days of clouds and rain, snow covered lanes and mountains of shade, holidays seem far away, the inside is where we must play – this is winter and it’s a terrible time for hearts of summer. 

Fall isn’t so bad – autumn leaves and trees, football on Friday nights, Thanksgiving and family time. Christmas lights, giving gifts and buying unnecessary items for everyone in contact. But when the special days end, what’s left to attend? There’s nothing to bring light when January begins. Nothing but cold, work, ice storms, and hopelessness. 

Winter is a season of suffering, holding out for the promise of summer. Thankfully, every year summer comes when she should. And we shed the ice from our frozen souls. 

The prospect of warm weather and sunny days is what helps us survive the harsh winter months. Even the lightest and brightest of spirits are weighed down during the darkness following December. What’s the point? Can we hibernate like the mammals in the wilderness? 

Sadness, gray filters, madness, hope killer. Winter. 

Nothing gets done. We work, sleep, eat, repeat. No fun. No joy, laughter, nothing worth living for when it’s cold out and the clouds cover the beauty of the sun.

I forget who I am in the early months of the year. I wonder on auto-pilot, like a zombie mindlessly walking towards crowds of potential food sources. I wonder what the point of life is for the lost and lonely. Seeds of sadness flourish and bloom into dead trees piercing my internal organs. Pain. What’s the point? I can’t escape the four walls of my decaying room. I never want to leave the comfort of my warm bed. Outside these walls, the cold persists. I stay inside and the cold in my bones freezes all aspects of hope.

The winter months – I become stagnant and await the days of warmth ahead. The prospect of summer keeps me alive.


Thoughts on the Body

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Cytoplasm electrified. Lost in the veins, searching for light. We travel beat by beat, deeper inside. Activate the catalyst for the enzymes, physiological breakthroughs and insights. Awaken the mind from its deep, dark demise.

Anatomical absinthe feeding attraction. Internal information covered in abrasions. White blood cells fighting red blood cells, dumping T cells into internal warfare. Spears thrown to pierce the growth of the tumorous moat around the throat.

Neurotic catastrophe, fading connections. Losing sheath, reducing speed. Activate the brain, let the master think. The whole body finds its strength again with the excitement of the central nervous system.

Mind right = body tight. Fight or flight mode is off tonight. Impulses shooting left and right, re-wiring for the upcoming plight. Intelligent thoughts stream through the limbs giving instructions on how to win. 

Blood is the train, taking crops to their rightful place. Ride the tracks down and back, dropping goods along the way. Feed the troops their rightful supply, they do their best to delay the death. Hardest soldiers you’ll ever find. 

Skin sucks it all in, no escape from within. The scalpel likes to dig and dig once it begins, but it cannot penetrate the defense mechanisms of the body systems. A perfect weapon against man made creations – the one organic machine here since existence. Can we improve the imperfect, yet fascinating and mind-boggling evolution of the human body?

Altered with the medicinal exportations, a shipment of calvary saves the brain from implosion and the heart from corrosion.

You pass a person and see her eyes, did you know there’s a war going on inside? Dopamine is weak so she’s learned to hide but deep down her cells inside have continued to fight. They are tiny, invisible to the naked eye, yet they’ll never let their hostess die.

What the fuck am I talking about?