Why Does My Dog Bark at Nothing? (Part 2)

Rolly isn’t insane, he’s a hero. 

Maybe he’s insane, too, but still a hero. 

Keep barking at those spirits, Rolly.

Keep those bad spirits away, pretty boy.

Maybe he has me under his spell with his handsomeness.

Why Does My Dog Bark at Nothing?

Rolly barks at nothing all night long. Well, we see nothing. An inability to see what he’s barking at doesn’t mean nothing is there. Perhaps Rolly has an ability we lack. He can see the spirits and he courageously keeps the bad ones from getting near our home. 

Those eyes look absolutely sane to me. They might drive you insane with their cuteness, though.

Why Does My Puppy Have Seizures?

Kovi is my first pet with this ailment. I know when they’re coming now and for the couple minutes they last, it’s like the world stops. Time stops. It’s just her and me riding out a storm in another dimension until the lapse ends and we return to reality. I wonder what she sees when it’s happening? Maybe her brain does go to a different dimension. I hope so. I hope she doesn’t feel pain.