The Best 12 BodyWeight Exercises for Strength


Exercise equipment and gym memberships can be expensive. Costs add up over time and hidden fees pop up out of nowhere. The good thing is, you don’t need fancy equipment or a gym membership to improve your strength. In fact, all you need area couple of typical items found around your house, a clear space, and a willing body.

Here are the best exercises you can do in your house, backyard, or a park right now (for free):

1 – Burpees. 

Fall, push-up, jump onto your feet, and jump as high as you can. Not only is this a great exercise for strength in the legs and arms, but it’s also great cardio. You’ll feel your heart rate rise after just a few reps.

2 – Push-ups

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Always keep the chin forward and the back straight. Push-ups can be modified by dropping the knees. Slowly drop down and slowly come back up to increase strength gains and prevent injury.

3 – Lunges

Straight back, long strides. Stand tall. Keep it nice and slow to avoid injuring the knees.

4 – Squats

Keep the back as straight as a board and your weight on your heels. Drop your butt down to a 90 degree angle in the knee joint. Nice and slow, let it burn. Slowly down, slowly back up.

5 – Jump Squats

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Slowly lower your butt into the squatting position and then explode upwards. Land in the squatting position. This is also great cardio.

6 – Jump Lunges

Lunge one foot forward and then explode up and land with the other foot forward. Great cardio, as well.

7 – Calve Raises

Slowly rise up onto your toes and slowly lower back down to the ground. Again, the slow movement will increase strength gains and prevent injury.

8 – Planks and Side Planks

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Keep the back straight and don’t let the butt fall. Roll over to one side to hit the oblique muscles more directly. Hold for as long as you can each time, shooting for 30-60 seconds.

9 – Dips (On a chair or stairs)

This is an amazing tricep exercise. Sit on a chair, place the palms of the hands on the seat by your sides, slide your butt off the edge of the chair and dip down. Up and down, nice and slow.

10 – Step ups and Box Jumps (On a chair or stairs)

Make sure you have a sturdy, strong chair or surface to land on. Slowly stepping up and down is great for the leg muscles (with each foot having a turn, example – step with the left foot first up and down 20 times, then step first with the right foot up and down 20 times). Do the step-ups as quickly as possible to give yourself a great cardio workout.

11 – Oblique Crunches/Side Crunches

This is a great way to isolate the oblique abdominal muscles while simultaneously utilizing the central abs.

12 – Bridges

This exercise is great for the abs and butt. As always, keep the movements nice and slow to really feel the burn.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading and always be careful trying any new exercise movements. Don’t pay ridiculous amounts of money for equipment and memberships, just find some space and get to work.

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The 12 Best Ways to Live in the Moment

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Living in the moment will lead to a happier life and more enjoyable experiences. Otherwise, one day looking back you’ll realize how much of life you’ve missed.

Here are 12 things you can start doing to better live in the moment and be mindful of all that’s going on around you:

1 – Take a few conscious breaths.

Breathing is something we all do automatically. Thanks to awesome brain functions, we don’t have to worry much about inhaling and exhaling. Stopping to take a few deep breaths will force you to slow down and turn off the auto-pilot for a minute.

2 – Make to-do lists for later.

Anytime an errand crosses your mind, write it down and put the list aside. At the end of the day, go through and complete some of the items on the list, but never think twice about the tasks once they are written down.

3 – Do more of what you enjoy.

Pay attention to the activities that make you smile and forget all of life’s issues. Do more of those things, schedule them into your week, and enjoy.

4 – Take mental photos of gratitude.

When something awesome happens or whenever a person makes you laugh out loud, take a few moments to express how glad you are that this event happened or how happy you are to spend time with that person. No matter how simple it seems, if it lightens your heart, show gratitude for it. Write it down, smile about it, think about it during rough times – but remember and be grateful.

5 – Reflect on the happenings of the day when you lay down at night. 

Think about everything – the good, the bad, the laughs, the cries, the faces you saw, the ones you wanted to see, etc. Reflect on the day as a whole.

6 – Avoid judging others. 

Most often, judgement is a purely negative experience. It traps you in your mind and thoughts and keeps you from living in the moment. Plus, it wastes precious time that could be spent doing something more positive/productive.

7 – Feel everything.

Take a minute to feel. Can you feel your phone in your hand, your butt in a seat, your feet on the floor, and/or the shirt on your skin? Think and focus on the sense of feeling.

8 – Listen to everything. 

Hear all of the words your friend or coworker speaks to you without thinking of responses. Hear every word in a song on the radio. Listen to the birds chirping outside the window and the cars driving by your workplace. Close your eyes and listen.

9 – See all that passes.

What color is your patient wearing? How many people did you pass in the grocery store? What color was the cashier’s eyes? What’s the number on the license plate on the car in front of you at the stoplight? Focus, and see.

10 – Taste with every bite. 

Sometimes we eat our meals so quickly throughout the day that we don’t even savor all the amazing flavors. At your next meal, with each and every bite on your fork, truly taste all the aspects of your meal – the seasoning, the oils, the good and the not-so-good. Pay attention.

11 – Smell all the fragrances in your surrounding world.

Our brains filter out so much of what’s sent to them, thankfully so, but often we miss out on experiencing the awesome smell of a flower, perfume, or pine tree. Take 5 minutes to smell all that’s around your typical area. You might notice a scent you never knew was there.

12 – Smile more often.

Psychologically, smiling can improve your mood, no matter if you are fake smiling or genuinely smiling. Try watching a funny video or looking at silly photos on the internet. Find a way to smile. It will improve your mood and probably make others around you smile, too. A good attitude helps you get through the day as you won’t be wishing for the end so much.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you try some of the things on this list and begin a life of living in the moment!


The Top 12 Reasons Why You Should Be Confident in All Situations

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Confidence is easy at times and difficult to find in other moments. Stressful situations, rejection, embarrassment, apprehension, being alone – lots of things can drain any and all confidence we work so hard to muster. Regardless of the scenario, there are 12 major reasons you can be confident no matter what:

1 – They are all sheep.

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It sounds silly, but seriously – everyone else you are facing – they’re all just sheep. Cute, harmless, little fluffy sheep. Don’t let any of these creatures intimidate you because…

2 – You are a wolf.

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And wolves don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep, right? You are awesome, tough, unique, and just as capable as anyone else out there in the world. Did someone fail to notice this awesomeness in you? That’s because he/she is a sheep. And you’re a wolf.

3 – Life is short.

Whatever happens – even if it’s the worst possible outcome – life is too short to worry about it. Say to yourself, “Wow, that sucks,” and move on. Because worrying about it won’t add any time to your limited lifespan. Don’t waste much time thinking about the “could have,” “should have,” or “would have,” possibilities. It will only ruin your present situation.

4 – Others are likely going to judge you anyway, regardless of how perfectly you perform. 

It’s unfortunate, but some people are just negative. Don’t let the negativity of others infect your attitude. Just do what works for you, because trying to please others will only end in rejection anyways. It’s better to fail at something you care about than to have to face rejection for something unimportant.

5 – You’re wiser than they are.

Others will be placed in front of you to judge and score you, without even knowing much about you. No one will truly understand who you are and what you’re about from an hour long interview. So know that going into an uncomfortable situation, regardless of the outcome, it has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Awesomeness can’t always be seen at first.

6 – Even if they think the worst, you’ll be fine. 

This ties in with #5. If others think the worst of you after the first encounter, that’s their issue. They didn’t have time to get to know the awesome human inside.

7 – Think of all the good things in your life.

When facing the unknown, think of all the amazing things going on in your life. That way, even if something goes wrong, you’ll have the good things to fall back on. Maybe your kids, your friends, your family, your pet, and your intramural league are all going great. Make a list and keep it with you for stressful times when your confidence starts to fade.

8 – We all have a past.

Having a rough past can drain confidence because no one wants to be judged for what she/he did when she was 18 years old. It helps to know that we all have things in our pasts that we aren’t proud of. It does no good to be ashamed of past mistakes.

9 – You have life experience. 

This goes back to how no one you just met knows all the stuff you’ve had to fight in your past. They can judge all they want, but they have no clue the life experiences you’ve racked up.

10 – Other people are only people, too. 

Everyone has insecurities, everyone has been rejected, and everyone has sucky things going on in their lives. Know that you are not alone in unfortunate events.

11 – Everyone has to start somewhere.

Each doctor was once an undergraduate student struggling to pass Biology, each professional was once a clueless intern, and every person at her job had to deal with the “day one” nerves. It’s okay to be new at things because if people avoided being a newbie, no one would ever become anything great.

12 – At life, nobody knows what the hell is going on.

We can all make plans and map out careers and what not, but in reality – nothing ever goes as planned and no one has all the answers. Never be ashamed or embarrassed that your life is a wreck – everyone’s life is a mess. And those who deny that are lying to themselves.

Confidence will falter, it will be low at times, but try to remember/do these 12 things and you’ll feel a boost.

Thank you for reading, have an amazing day. Stand tall, be confident.


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12 Ways To Make the Most Of Life

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Life can be sucky, or life can be great. We all have good days and bad days. Some things are entirely out of our control, but most of the time we have complete authority to make life more enjoyable. Here are 12 simple ways to start making the most out of life everyday:

1 – Change your thoughts to be positive.

Negative thoughts are way more damaging than we realize, and allowing them to continue to pass through our minds all day will create a hostile environment for our souls. The next time unkind thought comes to mind, immediately counteract it with a more positive one.

2 – Spend more time doing things that you enjoy. Actively schedule activities within your week that will make you laugh and smile.

3 – Live in the moment and be mindful. Try not to get caught up in planning and worrying about future troubles. Just breathe and enjoy what’s going on right now.

4 – Take good care of yourself. Being selfless is important and meaningful, but nothing will ever get done if you allow your own health and wellness to falter. It’s totally okay to put yourself first sometimes.

5 – Be kind. This goes for others and yourself. Always be kind, even when it’s difficult. This will keep your spirits up.

6 – Be brave and have an open mind. Try new things. You’ll never know what amazing opportunities for an awesome life await you in the world if you never get out and do some exploring.

7 – Let yourself love. Lowering barriers in order to let others in and allow ourselves to love can be terrifying. When we open up, yes, we open ourselves up to potentially be hurt. But we are also potentially creating a new, amazing friendship.

8 – Never sweat the small stuff. Condition yourself to quickly let go of minor annoyances. If no one is dying or severely hurt, find ways to get passed the situation without letting it upset you.

9 – Understand that life is short. Train your brain to see the big picture. Time is precious and we all need to truly know that one day we’ll be asking for more.

10 – Search for connections. Connecting with others and with ourselves is one of the most exhilarating experiences we can have as humans. Make an effort to meet new people, discover your own values, and experience all the world has to offer.

11 – Avoid judging others and let judgement from other people go unheard. Judgement is one of the most damaging flaws. When we judge others, we only hurt ourselves in return. And when we let the opinions of others dictate how we live, we become slaves to words. Make an effort to live and let others live the way they feel fit.

12 – Be grateful and always show gratitude. No matter how small or insignificant, every act of kindness deserves immense gratitude. Be grateful for everything good in your life from running water and electricity to special friendships.

Implementing these simple rules will lead to a better life. Life won’t last forever and it’s up to us to make the most of the time we have on this planet.

Thanks for reading!


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You’re a Little Late, I’m Already Torn

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“You’re a little late, I’m already torn.” 
Torn by Neck Deep

I apologize for wasting your time. So let’s avoid wasting much more. Here’s a heads up about me that you, my new friend, should know: I’ve been broken for quite some time. It started in childhood with a sharpened stake poking my soul. As I aged, others slowly hammered the wooden spike deeper into my flesh. And then there was the savior that made the final strike. That’s when all hope was lost and I became the dark shadow I am now. That’s when the demons entered and transformed my pure heart into their permanent residence. 

I’m not one to lie, and I’ve been on the receiving end of a broken soul. Though I would never desire your departure, my goal is to keep you safe and free of burden. The only way I know to ensure this, is for you to leave. Now. Get out while you can, before our thoughts are only of each other. Before one of us is anchored by the other’s needs and guilted into staying. 

I’m sorry we didn’t meet long ago, before my heart learned hate and a hardening process took the place of healthy growth. But there’s nothing we can do now. I would change if I could, if I were strong enough to alter my perception. I am what I am, and you’re too late. The damage was inflicted long before our passing.

Save yourself…from me. It’s not too late for you. Go live a beautiful life with others who deserve the light of your presence. Forget that we ever met, ever made memories, ever laughed and cried together. Leave before I break you the way they all broke me. I don’t want to create and send another damaged heart into the world.


Queen of Demons

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The queen of all demons

That was you

Still in my dreams

After seven years 

Where are you now

If not infecting my heart 

Do you even exist 

Without my pain

Without a host 

A host as lost as me

As susceptible as myself

You are nothing

Without a soul to eat

Without me

You need my dreams 

Demonic parasite 

“But of all of the demons I’ve known, none could compare to you…”
See the Light by Ghost

Some heartbreaks come and go. It hurts for awhile and then the moving on/letting go processes begin to make their way into our lives. The broken heart gains some perspective and starts mending itself. 

However, there’s always that ONE person that the brain just cannot seem to forget. That ONE scar on the heart that will never go away or be forgotten. The one that lingers for decades no matter how much “moving on” takes place. 

For many, the first heartbreak is the worst. It’s the one that makes an enormous impact on who we are as individuals. The one that changes our outlook on the universe. For others, the person entered in a pivotal time in life. Regardless of when or why, we all have our most intense heartbreak stuck away in a box somewhere, deep down in our memory files. 

No matter when or who broke the heart into a million shards of glass, we all have that one that we never truly, completely recover from. What was so special about that person? Why does the memory of his/her face haunt our dreams for all eternity? Even when we find others to obsess over, others to feel the spark and connect with, the memory of that one person can never be booted from the brain. 

It’s life. It’s just the way things work. I wish I could selectively remove you from my mind, but I can’t. So I’ll see you soon, in a passing nightmare.


Surviving Without You

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“When I watched you walk away, well I never thought I’d say – I’m fine without you.” Without You by Hinder

I know I have no home on your heart. You do not have to pretend that I’m a person worthy of your time. So let’s not waste breath on false words and weak smiles. Life is too short to spend time with those who are insincere.

Don’t waste my time, and I won’t waste yours. No hard feelings, no hate, just honesty. We aren’t meant to cross paths beyond our past encounters, and I finally have accepted that truth. 

Time apart truly does change a biased heart. The vision becomes less blinded by need as separation becomes permanent. Faults arise to the surface where perfection was once mistaken, disdain replaces veneration, and I release you of all the emotional debt I once poured onto the plate of our friendship. 

You are free to leave, once and for all. You are welcome and advised to forget the memory of my small presence in your growing life, as I will begin to finally let go of the images of you I’ve held on to for so very long. 

Your heart was never mine to hold, and mine should have not been yours to own. The show is over, it’s time to move on. The script has been exposed and our friendship is false. 

My heart will have an empty hole where your image used to live. But better blank than blemished with your viral blackness of rejection. As it turned out, I might have needed you back then, but now I’m good. And without you, I’ll be just fine In fact, I’ll be better. I’ll be free and unburdened by owing my life to you.

“I didn’t wanna believe it then, but it all worked out in the end.” Without You by Hinder