The Best 12 Wrongs that Feel so Right

Have you ever been in a situation where you are doing something that you know is wrong, but it somehow feels so right? Here’s 12 scenarios that explain what I’m talking about:

1 – “Forbidden”

Whether it’s a person already in a relationship or a pack of cookies, once the word, “forbidden,” is stamped on it, we immediately want it. Regardless of if we actually want it or not, labeling anything as off limits automatically makes it attractive. And once we get our hands on it, it’s so exciting.

2 – “It’s bad for me”

This is similar to the previous. Things that are typically bad for us – drinking, gambling, riding motorcycles at 160mph, fast food, falling in love with strangers on the internet – it all tends to feel so right in the moment. If it’s bad for us, we probably want it even more.

3 – “It’s bad for you

Even if we know something is bad for our friend, we can’t help but push it. “Come on, you only live once, right?” We know there’s a high chance this thing we’re pushing on our friend won’t end well – relationship, tattoo, doing shots, etc. – yet it feels so fun to say, “Just do it!”

4 – “This is immoral”

It’s against the laws of ethics, it’s going to leave a black stain on our souls – so why is it so enticing? Sometimes it’s fun for the inner devil to let her horns shine through and allow her to shoot wickedness into the world.

5 – “Someone might get hurt”

These words always make a situation more exciting. It’s dangerous and the adrenaline is flowing. It’s living “on the edge” and being a daredevil. It means that once we survive, it’s going to be ten times more awesome to talk about because, “someone could have gotten seriously hurt.”

6 – “Later in life I’ll wish I’d just done it”

This is a phrase we use to convince ourselves to do stupid things. If you find yourself saying this inside your head, then it might be a bad idea. Which means, of course, that you should still go for it anyway.

7 – “Later in life, you’ll wish you’d just done it”

Again, peer pressure can be a powerful thing. Why do we try to push our friends to the edge? If we can convince our friends to do the dumb thing, then maybe doing it ourselves won’t be so bad, right? If your friend tells you this, then he/she is also trying to convince herself that it’s okay to do. And if we both do it, what could possibly be so wrong about it? If we fall, we fall together.

8 – “Let’s just live in the moment” 

This is basically saying, “Yeah, we’ll have hell to pay for this later, but let’s ignore that for now and just do this anyway.” Have fun now, deal with the repercussions later.

9 – “Breaking the law”

It’s fun to be bad. Breaking a law without getting caught can seem like an exhilarating idea for a good time. In this situation, though, it only ends up being a good time if you avoid getting caught.

10 – “Getting away with murder”

This goes along with number nine. If you do something bad and get off without ever getting caught, no matter how small the crime, you’ll feel like you’re getting away with murder. It’s terrible, but it feels so good – so intelligent, so sneaky, so invincible.

Listen to “Getting Away with Murder” by Papa Roach: 

11 – “Feeling like a rockstar”

At some point in our lives, we all want to be rockstars. And by “rockstar” it’s implied to mean hooking up nightly, partying all day and night, getting covered in tattoos, sleeping on a tour bus, and head banging to bass drums. It’s not good for our bodies, but it’s fun and makes us feel like badasses. Like rockstars.

12 – “Playing God”

How can something that’s unnatural and against the laws of heaven and earth feel so good? Everyone would like to feel immortal on the occasion. What better way to do so than playing God?

Do you agree with this list? I’m not condoning bad behavior. In fact, I’m pretty goodie goodie. But I can’t deny that doing things that are “wrong” can feel very right at times.

Thanks for reading! It’s okay to be bad sometimes.

Tyler State Park – Texas


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