The 12 Most Motivating Lyrics from ‘Reincarnate’ (Part One)

The metal band, Motionless in White, released their album Reincarnate in 2014. Whether you are a fan of metal or not, the following lyrics are inspiring for anyone. Take a look at the top 12 motivational lines from Reincarnate:

(Because of the all the great lyrics on the album, there will be a ‘part two.’ I do not own anything, I am just a fan of the music and band.)

1 – “My enemy will not be the end of me.” Death March

Life will throw all sorts of sinister battles at us throughout each and ever year. The most important thing is to never let those challenges destroy us. Use them, learn, gain experience, and keep living life as a strong person.

2 – “Leaving the past to the grave.” Reincarnate

The past is often painful to think about, whether it’s failures or good times. Either we regret not doing one thing or we ache at the thought of failing another. But there’s no benefit to letting the past darken our spirits. Move on, let the past stay buried.

3 – “Driving the nail through my mistakes.” Reincarnate

Mistakes can completely drain all faith we have in ourselves as capable human beings. The best thing to do is learn and let go.

4 – “I’ve finally let you go and left the past to die.” Puppets 3

It’s empowering to finally let go of the person or situation that’s been dragging you down. Let this motivate you when you’re desperately wanting to hold on. Let go and be free.

5 – “Now your hold on me’s broken.” Puppets 3

Freedom from a destructive relationship is truly freedom like no other. Chains melt off of the soul and the lungs learn to breathe properly again.

6 – “Embrace what is killing me.” Unstoppable

We can’t always avoid situations that bring us down. The only way to get through is to embrace the pain and push through until the end.

7 – “I will justify this pain, I will live another day, I will fight to earn my place, I will be unstoppable.” Unstoppable

Say this ten times every morning in the mirror and feel yourself grow more confident and powerful.

8 – “Through darkness I’ve seen the light.” Unstoppable

We often need tough challenges that force us to question everything in order to see what truly matters in life.

9 – “No compromise as I fight to break the cycle and bring an end to this suffering.” Break The Cycle

If you find yourself in a rocky place, acknowledge it, put your foot down and say, “No more.” And fight to make things better.

10 – “Repair this machine with unsteady hands.” Break the Cycle

If you wait for the situation to be perfect, you’ll never start making improvements. So take your dirty, unexperienced hands and get started on changing your life.

11 – “I’ve been the prey of my own mind.” Break the Cycle

Changing the mind or the way we think isn’t easy. But the first and most important step in the process is to know and understand how powerful the mind is. Learn to use the mind to your advantage instead of letting it send you down into a dark hole.

12 – “Let go and set me free, open the door to the unknown.” Break the Cycle

Letting go – it’s the hardest thing in the world to do but it’s the most important. When we let go of destructive people, memories, scenarios, etc., we are opening ourselves up to a world of new and exciting possibilities.

Thank you for reading this post and thank you to Motionless in White for creating such amazing music.

I hope these words are as motivating to you as they have been to me.

Have a great day!


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