This is REALLY Why You Should Exercise

Everywhere we look today, there’s a new gimmick or program out geared toward losing weight. A long time ago, all of this stopped having anything to do with health and started focusing entirely on weight loss and how to gain a “perfect body.”

We’ve grown so overly obsessed with being extra think, having six pack abs, or lowing our body fat percentage down to almost 0% that we’ve completely forgotten and neglected our health (both physically and psychologically).

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Though it aches me to see diet program commercials and new nonsensical exercise equipment being advertised everywhere, I completely love exercise and what it can do for people. I have a Kinesiology B.S., and I’ve worked in the exercise field for over two years.

If we’re ever going to improve our health overall as a nation, we first need to separate exercise from this weight loss crazed society. Focusing on weight loss to better your health is like eating a loaf of bread to hydrate yourself. It’s just completely futile and will get you nowhere.

So what should you focus on when trying to improve your quality of life through exercise?

1 – The Heart. 

It’s the beat of the body and one of the most vital organs for creatures of all kinds. It’s the heart, and it pumps blood all throughout your body dozens of times each minute. Without a proper heart function, your ability to complete day to day tasks – even live in general – significantly decrease.

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Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of the modern American adult. That means that exercising and strengthening this organ is crucial.

So next time you head out to the gym or the park for a nice walk outside, think about how you are strengthening this awesome organ every step of the way.

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2 – The Stamina and Endurance.

Have you ever, or have you seen someone struggling while walking through the mall? Or the zoo? Or even struggling just from the car to the entrance of a store? It’s a life-inhibiting characteristic of too many humans these days – the lack of stamina.

Focus on increasing endurance capabilities during exercise. Tell yourself, “Next time I go on vacation, I won’t have to take as many rest breaks.” Or, “This summer when my grandkids visit, I will be able to keep up with them and spend more time with them.”

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With a more functional body, conditioned to physical stress, you will have more ability to do what you love – whether that’s water skiing, chasing your dog around, creating a lush garden, etc.

Stamina and endurance – focus on these benefits.

3 – The mental/psychological benefits. 

Exercise is proven to lower stress levels and to help the human body expend stress hormones it accumulates throughout the busy days.

Stress is a killer. It can ruin your days by keeping you miserable and it can physically harm your body as it raises blood pressure.

The best activity you can do for yourself after a stressful day at work is to go out and exercise. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go – the most important thing is that you do it. Take a walk, ride a bike, do jumping jacks for twenty minutes while watching your favorite television show – it doesn’t matter. Just take time for yourself and get that heart pumping.

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Exercise can also improve your mood in general. Depression is a rising concern for most people. It’s debilitating and can make for an unhappy existence. Taking half an hour each day can significantly turn a negative thought process into having a more positive view of life.

Regardless of what you’ve believed about exercise and what it’s good for, teach yourself to focus on these three big factors listed above. Because improvements in these three areas are going to give you a better life – and that’s a promise.

“Perfecting appearance” is not a goal that is attainable. And it’s subjective. But improving quality of life through exercise – that’s an awesome goal that anyone of any size, age, or gender can accomplish.

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Thank you for reading this post and I hope you take these messages to heart. Focus on improving your life experiences, and you’ll not be disappointed.


Have an amazing day!

Carly Twelve

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