How to Handle Difficult People

Everyone has had experiences with difficult people – inconsiderate, ignorant, impatient, and impolite humans. We’ve all been guilty of rude behavior from time to time, but some people just seem to consistently radiate negative vibes and flash a scowl every time they’re out and about.

(On a side note, I’d like to refer to this as difficult behavior instead of difficult humans. I think all people should be given the benefit of the doubt if their story isn’t completely understood.)

It’s hard to keep yourself calm and content when dealing with these kinds of people – especially if you are facing them at your place of work where you probably have to remain cool and collected.

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Sometimes it can feel like no matter what’s going on in the universe, no matter how well you try to please this person, and no matter how ridiculous he/she’s being – this annoying behavior will never cease.

Though we can’t control the behavior of others, we can practice a few techniques in these situations to help ourselves remain level headed. We don’t have to allow the negativity seep into our personal thoughts.

1 – Never take the difficult behaviors personally. 

This is a difficult thing to do when a person is in your face, acting insane and shouting insults. Or even if the person is just making sly, subtle impolite comments. Either way, always do the best you can to never take any of this personally.

Always remember that these angry, aggressive people are likely going through something in their lives, totally unrelated to you and your actions. And of course, insecurity plays a huge role in deciding how these types of people act.

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Don’t let the insecurities and personal problems of others make you question your own value and worth as a human. No one deserves to face condescending words from others. Always keep that in mind when someone is taking his/her frustrations out on you.

It’s not easy to deal with, but it’s probably not personal either.

2 – Remind yourself of the good people in your life. 

Day in and day out, if we must face men and women who are full of anger and frustrations, it’s easy to take on a perspective that all humans suck and behave in this ridiculous way.

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Not all people are terrible. Good, honest souls do exist in the world. It’s likely that we’ve all met awesome human beings who help keep our faith in the goodness of the human race. Make a list of the good people in your life and cherish them in these moments of dealing with ignorant behavior.

Call or text a friend if needed, just to remind yourself that not everyone is an a**h**e prone to bringing your spirits down.

3 – Stay quiet, and don’t argue. 

When someone is having an outburst of negativity, there’s likely no use in trying to calm him/her down. The hormones are accelerating and thoughts are racing in these people. The best thing anyone can do in a situation like this, is just to sit back, listen, and remain silent.

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Arguing will only fuel the difficult person’s fury while simultaneously raising your own innate defense systems. Stay quiet and let the person expend all their words into thin air.

Do not involve yourself in the ignorance. It won’t make the person go away and it will only bring harm to yourself.

4 – Never repeat these difficult behaviors. Spread the goodness, be forgiving. 

Next time you start to feel the pulse rising and the veins heating up, take some deep breaths.

Think before you act. Is the person you’re about to explode on even the one at fault? Are you really angry at yourself? Will having an outburst make you feel any better or help you solve any problems?

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We all face impatience, we are all quick to judge from time to time, and we’ve all let our emotions make decisions for us. No one is perfect, but we each have the choice to be kind and considerate each day. We all have power over our actions and can choose to walk away before a situation gets heated.

Not every imperfect scenario has to turn into a war. Learn to practice these four techniques to deal with difficult human behavior, and learn to avoid partaking in these negative acts yourself.

It will keep your days from being ruined by insignificant little annoyances.

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Thank you for reading this post.

Have a great day, and don’t let others bring you down.

Carly Twelve

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