Life is Way Too Short (Ranting)

This morning, I witnessed a gloomy group of people huddled together in the emergency room (I work across the hall). One of them was hysterically crying. I’ve seen this occurrence a few times before and it’s always safe to conclude that someone has unfortunately passed away. It’s heartbreaking to see a group of people in such pain and losing a loved one obviously very dear and special.

In moments like these, for me at least, the big picture of life comes into view. One day – maybe ten years from now, maybe even tomorrow – that will be my family and I in that emergency room waiting area crying our eyes out as someone we all love passes away. Someday it will be me passing away.

With this in mind, I immediately lose all patience for stupid, petty, everyday complaints and irritants. This stuff is insignificant and won’t matter in the end.

It’s time we all started focusing on what will matter in the end. Because when it’s me in that emergency room, either dying or crying, I’ll want to know that I didn’t waste my time on this earth being ridiculous about small matters, angry over insipid situations, or pasteurizing the people around me. We can’t keep wasting our precious years stressing and being silly.

Life is way too short. Next time I feel impatient, angry, or upset, I’m going to think, “Is this going to matter in that emergency room?” And if the answer is, “no,” I’m going to immediately move on with my life and focus my attention on the people and events that will matter.

I apologize for my quick rant. Now it’s time for me to move on and go focus on something/someone I love.

Life is short. We can’t waste our days away.


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